Alfa Horse Ranch, Inc.
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Nationwide Horse Rescues


This page of our website has been set up to help 501C horse rescues to share their information and location.



We hope to create a united effort to help our nation's horses.

 To be listed on our Facebook page and to be listed here on our website, please go to our facebook page and send the following information: 

Please send the information in a Word Document

You will also need to attach a copy of your 501C Document or the information regarding your pending 501C status.

 In the document, please inclue the following:

·         Name of Organization

·         Federal 501C #:

·         Address

·         City

·         County

·         State

·         Website address

·         Contact Information (Name, Phone)

·         Hours of Operation

·         OPTIONAL: Paypal Account For Donations (if paypal is accepted)

·         Purpose of Organization (Re-homing, Sanctuary, Adoption, etc...)

Please contact us through facebook for details.

Nationwide Horse Rescues - U.S.